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Harrison Family

One of the best things about photographing peoples weddings, is that occasionally I get to follow along during other Big Life Events and watch families grow, change, and shift with age and time. I’ve known Lauren since the days of college summer jobs (we were lifeguards) and the beginning of her courtship with Clay. I photographed her wedding alongside my photo partner Crystal Liepa (together we are Zoe + Crystal) in 2017, and not long after, their baby girl Eleanor was born. I was thrilled to get to visit their Harlem neighborhood and meet Eleanor—a lively crawler and smily almost toddler.

As my business grows, changes, and transforms, i’ve been increasingly drawn to photographing families above all else. My connection to children combined with my interest in embedding myself into a scene or event and telling that story has led me to pursue these day-in-the-life type family sessions more often. Lauren, Clay, Eleanor and I explored their Manhattan neighborhood, took a bath, did a puzzle and cuddled on the couch. Pretty great way to spend an afternoon.

Here are a few of my favorite images.

Zoe Prinds-Flash
Brian & Katie

Brian and Katie found me through my mom. And Katie’s mom. And the college I went to. And my close friend Anna. And someone who lives across the street from my parents. I’m not sure how all of this ended up colliding but perhaps, simplified: On a snowy April morning, my mom stopped to chat with a neighbor and I got an email from Brian the following week. It was kismet. These two are funny. Like, really funny. This was a wedding that didn’t feel like a job. I tuned in and stayed there. I loved being able to explore shape, color, and shoot a few rolls of black and white film (something I’ve been doing a lot more of). I picked these photos carefully and I hope you enjoy them. Congratulations you two. May you continue to giggle through the years together.

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Emi Neitfeld, author
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Sarah Kruger, musician

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