saturday, august second, two-thousand and fourteen

It's been a busy week of shoots, editing, conspiring and goofing off. First, here is a teaser from a new group consisting of locals The Idle Hands' previous members. So far details are TBA. We scoped out good highway overpasses and had some fun.


Amazing photographer and good friend Crystal Liepa and I got together to work on an album cover that vibed with the likes of Billy Vaughn, Herb Alpert and other swingers of the 50's. We tried to mimic their obsession with using gussied up ladies to adorn their record covers like these:

Crystal and I experimented with different set-ups and I got some pretty lovely photos of her. Here are a few outtakes. 

I got a lovely email this week from awesome public artist Marcus YoungHe is currently Artist-in-Residence for the city of Saint Paul and I photographed one of his projects, "Don't You Feel It Too?" a couple of years ago. This public dance piece is performed by participants who bring their own headphones and ipod. 

Marcus is leading another dance in celebration of a year of marriage equality in Minnesota! You can check the details HERE along with a couple of my photos. 

Nina Kolar

Nina Kolar

My busy week wrapped up another yoga job! My lovely roommate Nina Kolar teaches a FREE yoga class at the Patagonia store on Grand Ave in St. Paul on Tuesdays and I was asked to photograph their session. They have a lovely side-patio that is cozy and secluded. They provide yoga mats and rugs and Nina teaches her class for every level.  Here are a couple of photos

They can fit upwards of 50+ people on their patio. Yoga starts at 7pm on Tuesdays-- swing by next week. 

And in honor of their single release, here is Tiny Deaths with, "The Words." featuring a photo from our promotional session

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