TBFSE / festival palomino / war on drugs & califone

It's been a long month--Until a few minutes ago I had 8,337 photos lined up in my queue. I promised myself I would post these photos before I go on a (much needed) camping trip with a couple of my best girlfriends so here I am. Concerts haven't been as much a priority as other commissioned works but I did make room for three big festivals and concerts recently.

I pushed myself to capture these three events a little differently. I focused a lot on the crowd, i found better angles, i tried to push the abstract, and i took my time. I think that so often in the 'photo pit' there is a mad rush--to get the most in during the limited time we have to be here. I have made it a goal for myself across all types of commissioned work to slow down, so i attempted to do this in a place that is typically one of the most fast-paced arenas for photographers.

The following are three albums from each event.

TBFSE / september 13, 2014

festival palomino / september 20, 2014

the war on drugs & califone / sept 22, 23