left coast by train

I took a last minute trip to Seattle, Portland, San Francisco and then Napa for thanksgiving with a friend and his family. The train was my main mode of transportation, which is beautiful in its consistent slowness. I have always seen watching the countryside go by as romantic; there is something surreal about seeing the sunrise come up over California with a bunch of other bleary-eyed people. 

This trip was filled with some misadventure (as most often are) but some of the highlights included participating in and watching a chicken and duck slaughter at a Portland eco-village, taking a day trip to Mt. Hood to dip in a hot spring, tracking my parents past in the Mission of San Francisco, taking the ferry at night to Vallejo, walking walking walking, sitting in a friends living room eating late night sandwiches, and a beautifully constructed and homey thanksgiving in Napa. Sometimes getting yourself to a coast and walking around for a week is the best decision to make. 

Here are some of the personal snaps I took along the way.

PersonalZoe Prinds-Flash