Etan & Kashmir

Things I learned while photographing Etan & Kashmir's wedding:
-while photographing or participating in the type of Jewish wedding that E & K held, you can be sure to burn about as many calories as running a full marathon
-you will be asked more than 100 times to take more swigs of tequila during the Tisch
-the dancing will never, ever stop
-Kashmir and Etan are some of the most incredibly kind and thoughtful people i've ever met
-Their friends really really (really) love them

this was so fun. 

Thank you to  Adam Degross for assisting me in photographing this one and thank you to Etan and Kashmir whose eyed widened with excitement when I told them that Minnesota's premier punk/music photographer was coming on board -- I'm sure you'll be able to pick out his distinct style on some of the shots below.