Liz & Hank

I ran into Liz & Hank at the Eaux Claires festival while I was hoisting my camera and stepping through cute couples waiting patiently for Jenny Lewis to take the stage. They called out to me-- we spoke for a bit-- and I left feeling like I had these two friends that weren't really my friends because we'd only had coffee once to go over wedding details but I kind of wanted to sit down and hang out with them for the rest of the day. 

When their wedding day came, I wasn't even nervous. Something about how the two turn their gaze to you and just know they're truly listening, made me feel like there was already a warm room inside this unfamiliar church that I was standing before, about to enter. 

Liz and Hank are funny and they attract friends with great humor. They are faithful and are some of the only 20-somethings I know who have created such community within their church. I know it sounds cute when you say that two people in love are at ease around each other but they aren't just clearly calmed in each others presence, they sweep that ease out and touch everyone with it. 

Their ceremony was intimate and to the point. It touched on their faith and their commitment. Their reception was warm, humble, and full of a connectedness between each guest-- something that I find rare when 100's of people who don't all know each other are gathered in the same room. Also, they had a Chinese takeout buffet which is GENIUS.

Working with these two was memorable. A bright spot. I'm proud of these images. Enjoy.


WeddingZoe Prinds-Flash