Allegra & Grant

Grant and Allegra are special people. They are welcoming and kind, hard-working and generous, and they are both extremely talented artists. They care about a lot of people and a lot of people, in turn, care very deeply for them. G and A had an intimate wedding in an unfinished warehouse with a lot of Minneapolis history. Simple, elegant, and casual-- they used the people they loved to furnish the space. I wanted to approach this wedding with care-- I deeply admire the two. There is something inescapable about the feelings the both have for each other--Grant stood in awe whenever he turned to glance at Allegra, and she literally didn't stop smiling the entire day. I decided to let their chemistry speak for itself. This one is delicate, muted, and taken from a mostly observational perspective. The colors are true to the space, the lighting was mostly whatever was available, and the interactions purely candid. 

love you two xx

WeddingZoe Prinds-Flash