Rachel & Erik

The Olm/Wiggan family are some of the only people I've ever met who are absolutely unafraid to slow down and feel Big. Anyone who is in their presence knows exactly what I'm talking about. You've never met a sweeter, more sincere, more hardworking family.

This wedding was incredibly emotional for me. It marked two summers since Rachel's older sister Leah's wedding-- one that forever changed my photography career and life. It meant a reunion of sorts, as I am the official Olm family photographer and get to bear witness to almost all large gatherings of Olm's, Wiggans, Macaulay's, Meyer's, and now Jahn's. it also meant getting to watch sweet Rachel look at Erik and see her husband. After years and years of together-ness, now a new kind. 

Rachel and Erik and their families are easy to photograph because they love so bigly (I'm taking that word back, okay?) They not only invite people in but encourage them to make physical contact in the spirit of forming connections. When Rachel and Erik and I were talking about what kind of imagery they wanted for their wedding, they kept saying to me, "Just do your thing. We trust you." But what I wanted to say back was, no, do YOUR thing. Your thing is the magic explosive magnetic thing and without it, I have nothing. 

Here are my favorite images from their two day weekend celebration that I was lucky to witness, participate in, and make art from. I love you guys. 

WeddingZoe Prinds-Flash