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This was a big year.

Of the 20 weddings I photographed in 2017, more than half fell in the month of September. In that month alone, my camera fired its shutter 16,500 times. 13 weddings were located in the Twin Cities proper. Long veils, dark red lipstick, suits from Atmosfere, spanx, and readings by e.e. cummings reigned. The song "Signed, Sealed, Delivered" by Stevie Wonder was the most frequent walk-down-the-aisle song. First looks were passed off in favor of dressing together and sit-down dinners took the place of food trucks. The focus fell on food and family and the most common word heard during speeches: "better together"

Below is what happens when I decide to find a "few photos" that I feel raised the bar this year. All the weddings I was lucky enough to take part in were extraordinary in their own way but these selected moments remind me why I love what I do. I hope you can feel how it felt to be there by going through them, too. Click an image to open the slideshow. 

2018, I'm ready.

WeddingZoe Prinds-Flash
Liz & Hank

I ran into Liz & Hank at the Eaux Claires festival while I was hoisting my camera and stepping through cute couples waiting patiently for Jenny Lewis to take the stage. They called out to me-- we spoke for a bit-- and I left feeling like I had these two friends that weren't really my friends because we'd only had coffee once to go over wedding details but I kind of wanted to sit down and hang out with them for the rest of the day. 

When their wedding day came, I wasn't even nervous. Something about how the two turn their gaze to you and just know they're truly listening, made me feel like there was already a warm room inside this unfamiliar church that I was standing before, about to enter. 

Liz and Hank are funny and they attract friends with great humor. They are faithful and are some of the only 20-somethings I know who have created such community within their church. I know it sounds cute when you say that two people in love are at ease around each other but they aren't just clearly calmed in each others presence, they sweep that ease out and touch everyone with it. 

Their ceremony was intimate and to the point. It touched on their faith and their commitment. Their reception was warm, humble, and full of a connectedness between each guest-- something that I find rare when 100's of people who don't all know each other are gathered in the same room. Also, they had a Chinese takeout buffet which is GENIUS.

Working with these two was memorable. A bright spot. I'm proud of these images. Enjoy.


WeddingZoe Prinds-Flash
Katie & Greg

Katie & Greg are the kind of people who, when meeting for the first time over coffee, remind you of your own friends. Three minutes in, we were laughing, rolling our eyes, and talking about our design aesthetics. I love working with clients who are visual people, and Katie being an art director was able to give me detailed ideas and visual cues that, I think, allowed me to really nail this wedding. 

What transpired was a Wes Anderson a la Moonrise Kingdom styled intimate wedding in the middle of Camp Tanadoona in Excelsior, Minnesota. There was quiet love wherever you looked. Family and friends embraced, people gathered together closely and had in depth conversations-- there was something very peaceful and intimate about it all.

it's almost like this web of humans who love Katie and Greg were all speaking a language that I couldn't hear. It was blissful and humbling. As I left that night, I felt a pull to stay. 

Venue: Camp Tanadoona
Dress: BHLDN
Hair / Makeup: friend of the bride
Suit: Atmosfere
Rings: Brilliant Earth
Stationary: designed by bride
Cocktail hour musicians - Jake Hansen and James Buckley
Flowers: Eclectic Elegance Florals
Baked goods: Sarah Jane's Bakery
Photobooth: Blue Goose Photo Booth
Food Truck: Bark and the Bite
Coffee: Coffee Cart Mpls
Furniture rental: Rustic Elegance

WeddingZoe Prinds-Flash
Hallie & Adam

My wedding season has mostly come to an end, and I'm left reflecting on some of my favorite moments from an incredible summer and fall. September was crowded with weddings-- 11 all in all. It was a fast paced, challenging, yet extremely rewarding month for me. Hallie and Adam's family & friends focused farm wedding (holy f) was a very sweet and bright spot in a whirlwind of a month. Like many weddings this season, Hallie is an old friend-- we swam together as kids on swim team and ended up going to high school together. Hallie witnessed the beginning of my interest in photography and I saw her develop a passion for labor justice which has led her to working on behalf of unions.  

I had never met Adam until their wedding morning. He was in the kitchen of the main barn helping finish appetizers, surrounded by busy relatives and friends donning aprons, holding flowers, carting around cone-shaped bunting. It became clear to me throughout the day that Hallie anchors Adam and slows him down. There is a nonverbal language that flits between the two of them that only they understand. Hallie's eyes crinkle when she looks as Adam every single time. It was sweet to witness. I felt like I was slowing down with them that day-- they seemed to have that effect on a lot of people. 

The owner of York farm took me on a tour of the grounds when I first arrived. He fed me every kind of table grape they grow. I already knew this was going to be a good day. Guests strolled around the property all day and into the evening after pitching their own tents. Adam's mom performed reiki on the two as they got dressed quietly together. Then, a sweet and thoughtful ceremony followed by a warm and cozy barn reception. There was pizza from the pizza oven, a bonfire out front, golf cart rides packed with children two and from the pig pen. The night ended with Hallie running around in the twilight checking on friends and gathering people to dance. As I walked out, I shot the final image of the night at the end of this collection. I hope some of the feelings I witnessed translate to these images.

Happy, you two.

WeddingZoe Prinds-Flash