about zoe

Zoe Prinds-Flash is a Minneapolis-based freelance photographer specializing in weddings and portraits. 

Photo by  Crystal Liepa

Photo by Crystal Liepa

something like a mission statement:

I got my start in music photography. One of the things that drew me to capturing that kind of energy was the visual change that took place when a person or group got lost in the performance. To me, it was a moment of vulnerability and a slit in the fabric of the presented facade. I ate that shit up. It was addicting. I still seek those same open, honest, and meaningful moments where for a fraction of a second the person in front of me forgets they're being photographed and lets the present come into focus. Whether it be your wedding day, an hour spent with your family, or just a headshot session, I guarantee to provide you with meaningful and honest imagery.

want to know more?

  • i love shooting weddings! Many of my clients have commented on my candid documentary approach-- the story of your day. Here is a complete collection from a beautiful wedding on some family land in rural minnesota. I love working with my clients to determine how they want their day told though the lens. 

  • i bounce back and forth between minnesota and new york frequently and am available to book sessions in both locations. shoot me an email for scheduling information and new york rates

  • in the winter of 2015 i joined forces with another incredible photographer and friend, crystal liepa. together we are crystal + zoe weddings-- double the cameras, double the results. also, art. we're into that kind of thing. and we're booking! this is an incredible opportunity to invest in making your wedding day unforgettable. 

  • I have been documenting the hip-hop mecca Doomtree for about 11 years and was published in their book a few years back. You can find more of my documentation with these friends here. Need live concert photos or promotional band work? I love working with musicians to come up with the perfect concept for their sound.

  • In 2011 I interned for Alec Soth, an internationally acclaimed photographer and in 2012, Springboard for the Arts, an amazing local arts resource center. These are both inspirations-- visit their websites often.

  • Whether it be the newly engaged, actors, musicians, new families, or old— working together to remember a beautiful moment or to express an idea is something I live for.

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